meet Our team

The people, the classics and the 64 Bit Coffee

Paul Pouwer

Paul Pouwer

CEO and Studio Veteran

Paul is the sound engineer for the amazing Metropole Orchestra and recorded more than thousand cd’s in his carreer. His main goal is to give his clients an unique experience where they feel comfortable to play at their best. 

Joris Wolff

Joris Wolff

Producer / Engineer, Audio Alchemist

A sonic chef that cooks up recipes with both classic and unconventional ingredients.
Fast and Flexible, Joris has worked on any type of music imaginable and approaches each project with an open mind.

64 Bit Coffee

64 Bit Coffee

Inspires you to work your ass off

Coffee as it should  be. 


These mics can't wait to hear your music

This unique collection is more than you expect.
Download our gearlist 

The Classics

All revised to sound exactly
like they used too

This beauty is ready

The grand Steinway-D is in top condition
Your music will never sound the same

File Vault

Your music stored in a fireproof vault
So you can sleep at night